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Llano Texas History

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Llano's history begins some 12,000 years ago when its first inhabitants survived by hunting the prehistoric mammoth and mastodon. Later, large herds of buffalo, deer and antelope provided sustenance for the American Indians.

Europeans arrived in the vicinity of Llano as early as 1535 when an expedition led by Alvar Nunez Cabeza De Vacaexplored the vast, uncharted region. The Tonkawa Indians encountered at that time were later supplanted by the Apache and in turn they were displaced by the Comanche. The first European residents were brought here by the Adelsverein, a group of German nobleman organized to aid emigration to Texas. In 1845 the manager, John 0. Meusebach, made a treaty with the Comanche which opened this area of the Fisher-Miller tract for settlement. This land was then the West Texas Frontier-Indian Territory.

wpe294.jpg (9892 bytes)Founded in 1855, on the clear, spring-fed Llano River, the town of Llano became the county seat in 1856. The county was created from parts of Bexar and Gillespie counties. The original courthouse was destroyed by fire and replaced in 1893 by the present historic building.

"Llano" in Spanish means plain, a name hardly fitting this spectacular piece of Hill Country. Originally, the river was named by Spanish explorers "Rio de los Chanas' or River of the Chanas - the Chanas being a band of the Tonkawa Indians. Over the centuries the phonetic similarity between "Chanas" and "Llano' led to confusion and gradually the latter name replaced the original. The last battle between the Anglo Texans and the Comanche Indians occurred in 1873, a few miles east of Llano on Packsaddle Mountain. With the threat of Indian attacks on the frontier settlements resolved, the area attracted ranchers, shop keepers and industry.

The centuries-long habitation of the American Indians in the area has produced numerous archaeological sites which attract amateur archaeologists year-round.




Llano Texas History

Visit Historical Llano Texas in the Central Texas Hill Country


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